The 8th deadly Sin

The 8th deadly sin has to be cruelty. We can put on our blinders on and go about our daily lives as if our actions don’t have consequences, but that is far from the truth. Even the simply act of eating a meal carries with it an incredible amount of destruction and cruelty when we break it down. The destruction of land for growing feed, the transportation of that feed, the breeding, confining and raising animals for food, the waste that’s produced, the transportation of those animals, the cruel slaughter methods and the negative impact eating animals has on our health. If that’s not cruel to every living thing on earth, then I don’t know what is. From a moral and ethical viewpoint, no matter how you look at it, it’s cruel and it’s wrong. Eating animals is not only cruel and harmful to the environment and the animals, it’s harmful and cruel to ourselves. The very act of killing a sentient being that does not want to die for mere palate pleasure is wrong and should be recognized for the cruelty it is. We can pretend that there’s a hierarchy to all us who share this earth, but that’s just a suggested notion to provide an excuse and cover for our actions so we can sleep better at night. Whether it’s being cruel to others, being cruel to an animal, cruelty must be recognized for what it is. Imagine if we removed cruelty from our lives, if every action was premeditated and thought out to ensure there was no suffering, intended or unintended. What would that world look like? It’s not a farfetched dream, it’s a reality for many. If we could just get over ourselves and think of others, cruelty would diminish. The air would be clean, our rivers, lakes and oceans would breathe clean, our lands would relish and the health of ourselves and our children would flourish. Removing cruelty from your diet is one giant leap to a better world. Even our mental health is positively charged when we develop a cruelty free lifestyle. I’ve been vegan for many years and the healing transformation of adopting a diet and lifestyle that does it’s best to do the least amount of harm has such uplifting qualities that my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner in life. The acts of cruelty that most don’t even know exists in the farming world carry’s a weight that is shared by those that die for your plate and those that purchase and consume it. If karma exists, it surely has its eye on those that eat without thought, consideration or remorse.

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Roaring Laughter

Laughter is the best medicine.  A friend of mine recently posted on FB how much of bad day she had and how grumpy she was.   I didn’t have a chance to talk to her that day, but the next day I did.   When she answered the phone the next day, I could tell she was still not in the greatest of moods so I said to her, ‘I read your post yesterday about being grumpy, so that’s why I didn’t call you, I waited 24 hours in hopes you’d be in a better mood.’  Not the greatest of jokes by any means, but enough to cause her to giggle and laugh.   It cheered her up.    So the moral of the story is, always try to make someone smile when you can, you never know, they may really need it.

Roaring Laughter

I, Earthling

I don’t consider myself an animal rights activist, an extremist, a tree hugger or a hippie, I’m an earthling.  I share this earth with countless other beings therefore just one of many.  I share the same desire as all other beings, that is the desire to live.  For one to assume they have rights that are above another’s is an outstanding disconnection of who and what we really are.   We share this earth, therefore share each other and within that, we are all one. Understanding this and excepting this is profound. For me, it provides a comfortable sense of reality.  In saying this, I live my life dedicated to do the least amount of harm that I can. This means Respecting all life, for all life is important.